Thursday, December 10, 2009

AFC yet to respond to Prakash Persaud!

Why haven't the usually vociferous AFC leaders issued a statement in relation to the allegations leveled against Raphael Trotman, Sheila Chapman and Khemraj Ramjattan by Prakash Persaud in his suit against Sheila Chapman (Raphael's mother), of the legal firm Trotman, Chapman and Associates, for fraud through a crooked transaction which Raphael Trotman signed legal documents as witness to, thus authenticating that transaction that robbed one person of properties valued at millions of dollars?

Prakash also claims that Ramjattan, had accepted payment to represent him in court and failed to do so. His non-attendance at court resulted in Persaud losing the case then, when Persaud took Chapman to the Bar Association for malpractice and fraud, he chastised him for so doing, stating that he had to consider ‘fraternity’.


  1. Nothing don't hide for long, all of these so called politicians being that they are oppositions leaders have there piece on they even going to the extent of robbing the poor, how much lower could they go, they are just disgraceful to this country, people should start pelting stones at these bastards....they cant respond to the Prakash because they know what they did.

  2. Hi, Just imagine .... thess are the same people who are seeking to hold political power in Guyana. May God help the Guyanese people. Juatice Seeker.