Monday, December 7, 2009

'Big Head' a suspected drug 'King-pin' arrested in police operation in Berbice.

Berbice police have arrested a man they suspect to be a drug king-pin and several persons are to face charges today following major raids on Friday and Saturday.

According to the Police 19 houses were searched along East and West Berbice as part of their anti-crime operations. Over 50 persons, including a few females were arrested and senior officers in Berbice said the stations were “overloaded.” Two motor vehicles were also detained.

Among those arrested was a reputed drug king-pin who is constructing a hospitality business in Berbice. 'Big Head' as he is known is a native of Berbice that sports a Rastafarian hairstyle and owns a fleet of expensive SUVs including a H2 Hummer and Range Rover. He is being touted as the new 'Roger Khan' as he has in his employ many of the ex-policemen and former foot soldiers of Roger Khan. A relative of his and several bodyguards were also held. The man who was wanted for questioning in Georgetown was taken to the city yesterday. Police were yesterday interrogating the arrested persons, some of whom will be facing charges at Magistrate’s Courts in Berbice today. Some of the persons are likely to be released without being charged. During the raid several persons were found with small amounts of cocaine and marijuana.

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