Thursday, December 10, 2009

GPL threatens to plunge Kitty, La Penitence Markets into darkness

The Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) has threatened to disconnect the electricity supply to the Kitty and La Penitence markets today should the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown fail to honour agreements that were reached between the parties recently.

Acting Town Clerk Ms Yonnette Pluck told this newspaper, in an interview, that this threat motivated the Council to convene a meeting yesterday in an effort to strategise how the issues will be dealt with.

The meeting in the Council’s Chamber saw in attendance several members of the Council including Mayor Hamilton Green and his Deputy, Mr. Robert Williams.

The three major options that were decided upon yesterday are to seek an injunction, to have a meeting with the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which has been a mediator between the two parties, and to seek the involvement of Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Mr. Kellawan Lall.

Pluck said the Council is now waiting to see if these proposals will come into effect as efforts have been made to organise meetings.

She is optimistic that the outcome will be settled amicably.

In a letter sent to the Council from the Power Company, GPL said it is exhausted from the numerous efforts that have been made since 2004 to resolve the M&CC’s indebtedness.

GPL said it would appear that the M&CC does not intend to have a resolution, leaving the Company with no choice but to disconnect the Council’s electricity services and seek legal redress.

Based on the agreements reached last November 21 when the parties met, GPL said in the letter that the Company is still awaiting the exchange of cheques and the joint audit of street lights and meters.

The Power Company also urged M&CC to initiate steps to fulfill its part of the agreement as the Company stands ready to honour theirs.


  1. Imagine until now this matter cant be resolved, it is really having a negative impact for the city and the safety of its people, if GPL is trying varying strategy to alter the situation between them and the M&CC, why is it M&CC cant comply as yet. And to top it off, M&CC cant allocate the tax money from the PNC as yet, that alone will account for one of the cheque to repay GPL. These are are two reputable business entities and they cant find means of manipulating this ongoing situation, its just stupid....come to an agreement people before more conflicts arise.

  2. The M&CC may not be ready to fulfill their part of the agreement due to the fact the the PNC have not made no effort to pay the M&CC the taxes that they owes.