Thursday, December 3, 2009

Joel Fraser's Facebook account still in use despite his death.

Someone signed in on Joel Fraser's Facebook account yesterday afternoon. When questioned by Fraser's friends the person signed out.

Fraser, who was reportedly having an affair with former treason accused Mark Benschop's ex-wife Maria, was found with his throat slashed on the sea walls behind Ocean View hotel.

Persons are speculating as to if Benschop is behind Fraser's death and the recent threats to his ex-wife as well as another local promoter who has since gone into hiding out of fear for his life.

Benschop, despite being imprisoned for over 5 years has managed to acquire a large volume of wealth since his release from prison and has reportedly left Guyana since the discovery.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting.
    This person has to be one of Joel's close companions who has access to his personal stuff,i wonder if Joel was insured!!!

    You know we can't trust them Benchop (Mariea)...