Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Benschop has questions to answer!

Mark Benschop's deceptions continue. This time he's claiming that he's in the U.S for some town hall meeting held in NY, which was in fact a gateway to go into hiding following the death of the boy his ex-wife was seeing.
The turnout at this event wasn't even what Benschop made it out to be. You could have counted the people that attended with one hand. However, we must keep the issue of his involvement in the murder of Joel Fraser burning. And Benschop must tell us:

  • Where is Julius?

  • Where did he get the illegal transmitting device from?

  • Why did his wife leave him?

  • Who killed Joel???


  1. Tist tist, when bucket guh well everyday wan day e battom gan fall out.

    Benchop's patitick and illegal way of living is surfacing one day at a time this time after the treason charges, fabrications of sex tapes, illegal trasmitting devices he would be pardoned for murdering Joel Frazer...

  2. another criminal mind at work, and they call themselves guyanese.