Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There were successes out of Copenhagen conference

The overall Copenhagen agreement fell short of expectations but because of the hard work put in over a three-year period a very important flaw in the Ktoto protocol was reversed which will be over taken by the Copenhagen accord.
This was President Bharrat Jagdeo’s initial statement after touching down at the Ogle airport yesterday.
Promising more details at a conference scheduled to be held in week’s time, the President shared some nuances that lead to Conference and the final out come of the total agreement with soldiers and hinted that amidst disappointments there were some successes out of the conference.
He said that in the Copenhagen accord there is now a widened ‘REDD+’ that allows for countries to get incentives for keeping standing forests.
He said, “That was our lobby and we have succeeded in enshrining that in the agreement.”
Some “very smart people” (local writers) have opined that Guyana made a wrong move by signing the US$250M five-year agreement with Norway before Copenhagen.
Not so, said the President. “If they were to examine one of the clauses of that memorandum of understanding they would see that it provides for an UNFCCC agreement to over take any of the provisions of the MOU should that be more favourable than the one that we negotiated.”
The President said, too, that countries left Copenhagen without much money on the table provided for forest “but at least with the concept enshrined in the agreement.”
The President said that a significant sum of US$30 billion has been secured over three years for the developing world and added that “we have to make sure that we have the projects ready to move this forward.”

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  1. After all that has happen at Copenhagen, and to all the critics that who had there negative judgments on Copenhagen, here is the results in yours faces, I must say our president has proven you all wrong once again, and he should be highly appreciated for in his efforts at Copenhagen. The Agreement between Norway and Guyana has even broaden the horizon for this project to work even though it has brought about little hiccups our president has cleared the air on that.