Thursday, October 21, 2010

Basil Williams/Winston Felix tape recording left many unanswered questions.

Former C.O.P and PNC supporter Winston Felix

Now that P.N.C/R M.P has made his intention to be the party's presidential candidate in 2011 public there are a few questions that must be answered about the alleged tape recorded which surfaced in 2005 between himself and then C.O.P Winston Felix.

Transcript of conversation between then Police Commissioner, Winston Felix and PNCR Vice Chairman and Member of Parliament, Basil Williams

1. Who was referred to as "number one"? Is it PNC Leader, Robert Corbin?

2. Why was the Commissioner divulging information (e.g., that the Home Affairs Minister called him) so readily to Williams?

3. What "threat" was Basil Williams taking about when he said "of threats and stuff like duh?" Street violence? Gunplay? Criminal attacks? And when? During elections to prevent people from going to vote? Or were they really relating to a security detail regarding World Cup Cricket?

4. Who is his "group"? The PNC? A cell? One of Many? What "matter" was Williams asking about?

5. How many "matters" were there, since the Commissioner asked "which one" Williams queried about?

6. What did the Commissioner mean by him and "number one" having to "refine our position about it"? What was the position? Was it a plan to be executed by the PNC while Felix/ the police play absent from or blind to?

7. Why did the Commissioner lie to the public about who committed the Agricola massacre?

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  1. Indeed there are many unanswered questions since it seems that the PNC had something up their sleeve to cause some sort of confusion and the commissioner at that time was a part of it.