Friday, October 1, 2010

GUYEXPO 2010 opens amid much fanfare.

President Jagdeo admires one of the wood exhibits

President Jagdeo pays keen attention to an attendant at one the Ministry of Agriculture booth

From hot sauces to vinegar to essence, Prestige Manufacturing and Bottling Enterprise is offering a variety of products at GuyExpo.

A representative of Ghamandi and Sons explains to this couple at GuyExpo last night how this aluminium boat was made here.

GUYANA’s premier exposition and Trade Fair, GuyExpo, that offers a unique opportunity for local businesses to showcase their creative works , skills and talents, and creates linkages with international companies, opened last evening at the National Exhibition Centre, Sophia. The event, under the theme ”Expanding Investment in a Sustainable Environment” and running for six days, features some 300 booths, among whom are Brazilians, Mexicans, Surinamese and Indians. Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manniram Prashad described the event as the ideal meeting place for Guyanese to showcase talent, entrepreneurship, creativity, skills and products and services.
In addition to providing a platform for businesses and consumers to network and negotiate, it also entails investments, educational seminars and entertainment.
GuyExpo began in 1995 as a bi-annual event but became annual in 2004 and is the longest sustained exhibition in the Caribbean.

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  1. Every year GuyExpo is getting bigger and better thereby posing greater business prospects for entrepreneurs and also stakeholders within the various industries whilst showcasing “what Guyana has to offer on the whole”. This is a strategic activity in which Guyana could be additionally marketed as a tourist destination for Agro-Tourism. Congratulations to the Government in pulling off yet another successful GuyExpo this 2010.