Friday, October 22, 2010

The opposition have adopted a strategy where the credibility of the 2011 elections will be questioned and used as their battle cry.

Opposition protesters set fire to a Regent business

PNC protesters

It is clear that the opposition and their agents have come to the realization that the ruling PPP/C will be returned to office by yet another landslide victory come 2011 elections, so as a precursor to this eventuality they have adopted a strategy where the credibility of the 2011 elections will be questioned and Government interference in the operations of GECOM is the new rallying cry.

For starters, phase one of this campaign has already begun with talk of an urgent need for collective protest action by the opposition and so called 'civil society' organizations coming from the W.P.A in light of a directive by the HPS to GECOM which was deliberately misrepresented. The W.P.A by the admission of one of its leaders, is in possession of weapons and knows fully well that similar actions by the opposition in the past resulted in violence against Indo-Guyanese citizens and severe damage to businesses, particularly around election time. So it is not unreasonable to assume that this call is a call to battle by the opposition.

Last on the mind of these power thirsty scoundrels is the fact that it is this PPP/C government which saw the importance of having a truly independent GECOM and not one that merely facilitated the rigging of the elections and was subjected to the dictates of the executive as was the case when the PNC was in power.


  1. This is so true that the opposition come 2011 election will pay some of the hoodlums to wreck havoc in and around of Georgetown.I'm of the fact that they will try some sort of discomfort for the Guyanese public.

  2. Will these opposition parties realized that they have done for the guyanese people and stop with the protest and fight if they lose the election its clear the the guyanese population doesn't have faith faith in them to lead them for a better Guyana.Why they just cant admit the fact that they don't have the ability.

  3. Christopher Ram and his partner in crime Ramesh Seebarran are PNC Supporters that always badmouth the government but play no benficial role in this country. Examples are the way Ram positioned himself to disrupt the CLICO affair, and the tax violations of both Ram and Seebarran should be questioned, as both of them have multi-million dollar assets in USA. Ramesh also helped the owner of Len's to evade huge amounts of taxes in favour of duty-free concessions.Should the tax authorites check the books of both Ram and Seebarran it shows that they are crooked accountants and destroying the fabric of society.