Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hammie wrong and strong!

-man thrown out of City Hall for inquiring about money owed to him

Man being thrown out of City Hall compound by City Constables

The sale of a truck to the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown (M&CC) was reportedly the basis of a physical altercation between an officer of the City Constabulary and the vendor yesterday.
The incident which occurred some time after 13:00 hours, was characterised by a boxing match which was sparked after an officer under the instructions of Mayor Hamilton Green tried to forcibly remove the private citizen out from the municipal compound.
Several media practitioners yesterday witnessed the attempt to have the man removed and the subsequent physical altercation which was appeased following the intervention of other officers. The man was promptly arrested but was expected to be released soon after.

The man had sold a truck to the municipality but has not been in receipt of full payment. It was revealed that the vehicle is valued at several millions of dollars.
Reports are that the man has sought audience with various municipal officials on a number of occasions, including the Mayor but has still been denied payment.


  1. the man has a right to raise his concern about his money,it is not fair for him to be running up and down for his payment when he has deliver his part of the it beginning to show that the mayor and city council have a problem with their paying debts that's why they are always in some money problem.

  2. The mayor bullying people for their own thing this is a typical PNC style of doing business......

  3. The mayor bringing out the PNC ways in him by refusing to give explanation to the man about payment for his truck.

  4. its a dirty habit the mayor pick-up...he always got a financial debt and aint mean fa change...a wonder what he would do if somebody owe him..if this is the way he treats someone he gat money fa..