Friday, October 22, 2010

The W.P.A awakes! But still no word on those weapons Rupert Roopnaraine spoke about.

Rupert Roopnaraine

The W.P.A has awoken out of its slumber!
Strange, is the fact that a party that was completely silent when Rupert Roopnaraine admitted that they(WPA) were accumulating weapons prior to Walter Rodney's assassination has now joined the choir of distortionists who have willfully omitted from their blabbering that the HPS's directive to GECOM was related to PROCUREMENT advertisements.


  1. They have awaken but their not saying anything about what was said about the WPA storing guns and what was that purpose for.We dont want to hear about the GECOM issue lets hear what were the guns for?.

  2. they have now open their voice but not on the issue on which one of its member admit of the party storing guns but they picked up an issue which doesn't need much of their input.