Sunday, October 3, 2010

GUYEXPO captivates all in attendance.

WHETHER it was the live beehive, or the creative and colourful displays to demonstrate the various developments in the agriculture sector, GuyEpxo 2010’s designated Agriculture Night – last evening was a hit with the hundreds who made their way through the Agriculture booth.

Gathered at the food court, these folks relish in the variety of delicacies on sale

Agriculture Minister, Mr. Robert Persaud, who was there with his family, said the primary focus is this year is value-added, and visitors were enlightened on the different stages in the Value-Added Chain.
The ‘Value-Added Chain’, he explained, focuses on the progress of the product, from research and post-harvest to agro-processing, and essentially looks at the product at different stages and looks to market for every component of the produce.

The Ministry of Agriculture’ filled to capacity booth

He noted, too, that the Ministry’s Agriculture Diversification Programme (ADP) also makes up a component of the display.
The ADP is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank to the tune of US$21.9M, with counterpart funding from the Government of Guyana in the sum of US$1.1M. The programme targets an increase in the export of non-traditional agricultural commodities, and seeks to establish services and institutions for a sustainable increase in the income derived from the export of non-traditional agricultural products in the aquaculture, fruits and vegetables, and livestock sub-sectors such as beef, peppers, pumpkins, plantains and farm-grown fish.

Mangrove Honey, the mangrove project is one of the Ministry’s venture and Mr. Paul McAdam gives another reason to protect the mangroves – quality honey

Minister Persaud stressed that the aim of the elaborate display was to demystify what is happening in the sector for the benefit of the average Guyanese.“We want the public to be aware of the developments in the sector …We hope that by seeing the work we do, the general public can better appreciate what we do, the challenges and opportunities,” he said.

A drainage model intrigues patrons at GuyExpo last night

He added that increasing emphasis is being placed on the agriculture sector, not only in the areas of rice and sugar, the traditional products, but the non-traditional products as well, including cash crops.
Representing the agriculture sector were the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI); the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC); the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (NewGMC); the Guyana Livestock Development Authority; the Fisheries Department within the Ministry of Agriculture; aquaculture stakeholders; apiculture stakeholders; and the Office of Climate Change among other related agencies, each with its own representation of the sector’s progress.

Leather products was one of the more popular in the arts and crafts category

There were even farmers, some from as far afield as the Berbice area, who had a section dedicated for marketing their produce… everything, from celery to pumpkins.
Livestock were also on display, and the children in particular got a thrill from seeing the ‘huge’ pig – a rare sight indeed for those of them living in the city and some places along the Coast.

Tangible lift

Explaining hydroponics – a new planting technique for leafy vegetables that uses what is called a ‘soilless culture’

A more general look at what is, and has always been, one of the biggest nights of the six-night exposition, one could hardly miss the tangible lift in the atmosphere to something very light.
People walked freely, ate and drank, and even treated themselves to ice-cream, visiting the hundreds of booths in between.

Plants for sale, some from as far as Holland

As promised by the organizers, GuyExpo 2010 is indeed turning out to be an event that boasts innovation, with attractions for just about everyone: A children’s area with rides, a trampoline, games and facilities for photo opportunities; a hi-tech area, with the popular proprietors including Gizmos and Gadgets; and of course, the Food Court and large sitting area, which is a source of attraction for food lovers, as well as those who just simply worked up an appetite from walking around.

What’s the size of your load? – That and others are some the manufacturer of this boat will ask you if you’re interested

Business folks, large and small, were all smiles last night, sure that it would be a good night for them.
Thingamabobs included a wide array of articles, including what one man called “functional ornaments,” which included candle holders.

No time like the present for a canoe ride – this youngster takes the Splashmin’s canoe around the Splashmin’s Village for a spin

The Splashmin Village indeed caused quite a stir, and even facilitated canoeing by the youngsters that passed through.
These were only some of the many attractions, and all in all, patrons last evening concurred that the event was well worth the entry fee and indicative of an evolving Guyana, from the standpoint of both the public and private sectors.

Full turnout at one of the ‘tech’ booths

Also notable was the security detail at the exposition, with uniformed officers maintaining a heavy presence at strategic points.
GuyExpo continues today and until October 5, under the theme, ‘Expanding Investment in a Sustainable Environment’, at the Sophia Exhibition Centre.

Pick a style, this was one of many booths that sold a variety of cosmetic jewelry

It is the single largest event in the Caribbean, a fact confirmed by countries including Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and had its birth in 1994.

Live bees part of the Agriculture Ministry’s display

Come get your vegetables


  1. the number one trade exhibition in guyana and where they display all that have happen for as of to where guyana has come from to where guyana is going and to display guyana arts and craft and also get great discount on various items.

  2. i am really impressed with the efforts made in making guyexpo a true success!! i was there on saturday an visited all the wonderful booths as well as purchased a few items which i find very affordable!!

  3. Indeed Guyexpo has bring out a lot of people i personal have seen the people drove of people who attend this event every nite and they have come in bus load this is truly one of Guyana biggest event when it comes to show casing our local produce and company who have different services to offer......

  4. five night of arts craft culture and trade fair where u can get some low price on item see all the development that has happen for the country over the years and also have a fun relaxing time with your family.