Saturday, October 30, 2010

Queen's College teachers to be disciplined for inaction in Neesha Gopaul case.

The head teacher, the deputy and three other members of Queen’s College staff have been recommended for disciplinary action for their poor involvement in protecting Neesa Gopaul. This announcement came yesterday from Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon.
According to Dr. Luncheon the investigation which was carried out by the Ministry of Education found that at least five staff members including the Head Teacher and the Deputy were culpable of not doing their best to render assistance to the teen.
Dr. Luncheon said that the disciplinary action will include denial of seniority and demotion. He said that reports are now available from the teams assembled to examine the roles of Government functionaries in the Ministries of Human Services and Social Security and Education.
“From those teams recommendations have been made regarding the staff and those deemed culpable and recommendations are now available from the Human Services Ministry and have been publicised,” the HPS said.
Recommendations in similar impact and gravity have been made in the Queen’s College report that deals with certain staff members (about four to five, including the headmistress), being recommended to be disciplined in the form of demotions and denial of seniority.
Dr. Luncheon said that “the actual compilation of all that went wrong with the inputs from Government agencies into Gopaul’s case would be done, and assuredly would form part of the learning experience for those who enter into the delivery of social services on Government’s behalf.”


  1. This was a death that could have been avoided but due to the negligence of those who knew and the ignorance and whoreish state of mind of the mother an innocent child was murdered.

    I say the persons that were aware of the insanity that was taking place must be punish to some extent and the mother should be executed to set an example where criminal actions would get you in Guyana!

  2. the head teachers failed to realize that there role is not only about running the school and ensuring that they are rules for the teachers and children to follow,but failed to realize that they also need to look into the welfare of the student attending that school. teacher need to have a contact number for all pupils of a school to address issue such as why is a child absent,why is there such marks on a child body etc.teacher also need to interact with children to to what is bothering them and why they are not paying attention in classes and such.

  3. This is sad but knowing the facts that these people knew and could not put an helping is even more sad and its good to see that in these case people know and not doing anything about will get discipline from authorities.......

  4. Cant believe that the head teachers and the deputy knew of this girls situation and never visited the home or even took the child to welfare this is how they show their care of other child/children.