Monday, October 18, 2010

Ramjattan ready for leadership battle.

-as Trotman supporters issue pro-Trotman fliers to AFC membership

Ramjattan V/S Trotman for the AFC leadership

Several posters by persons claiming to be supporters of AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan appeared around the city recently. In these posters AFC members are being urged to be vigilant as "moves are afoot to deny Khemraj Ramjattan the party's Presidential candidacy". Insiders close to Ramjattan have revealed that the party chairman is prepared to wage an intense battle should Trotman not back down. They also expressed concerns after party members began receiving fliers urging them support Trotman as Presidential candidate.
Trotman and Ramjattan are in a leadership battle following the failure by the party’s top brass earlier several months ago to honour a rotation agreement that would have seen Ramjattan take over as AFC leader.
Party insiders had said back then that Trotman’s faction was insisting that Ramjattan is unsuitable to lead the AFC while the Ramjattan group accused the party’s prime movers of alienation tactics.
Businessman Mr. Peter Ramsaroop also resigned as AFC Chief Executive Officer and withdrew his membership of the party while publicly expressing his displeasure at Ramjattan’s leadership.


  1. Well he is ready to take the leadership but is if Trotman ready to give it up.This in fight will continue forever if possible this is one of the reason the AFC is calling to boycott the 2011 election due to the fact that Trotman is avoiding giving up the leadership spot.

  2. I think its time they throw in the towel and save themselves more embarrassment. its just one thing after the next that is goin wrong with them. im fed up seeing them fight like two little boys over who should get the top spot. Is this they way they plan on running this country?

  3. For a small party with so much trouble this is what you get when both members are hungry for power and just want to be in the spot light.

  4. this is the reason why the people of this nation will continue to support the ppp government in the movement of this country.the afc should step down and solve there party problem before they try to run for government of this country.

  5. it is noted that for a man to lead out side of his home he has to be the leader of his home trotman nor Khemraj doesn't seem to have control over their party,now how would it be possible for either one of them be the leader of this country,what could they teach or do for the people of this country and how will they lead such a large population when they cant even direct a small party.