Friday, October 15, 2010

Kaieteur News stereotyping Amerindians.

Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett: An article in the Thursday October 14th edition of the Kaieteur News, captioned “Brazilian man dies during sex act” is disgusting and unacceptable owing to the fact that the Kaieteur News identified the race of the woman allegedly involved – an Amerindian.
Why is this necessary? I have noticed in a number of stories relating to sex and rape where Amerindian women are allegedly involved either as the perpetrator or victim, this media house highlighted the Amerindian race.
They have not done this, rightfully so, in other similar stories where the persons allegedly involved are not Amerindians. Why are Amerindians being singled out?
This faux pas was brought to the attention of the Editor of this newspaper some years ago when It was first noticed and he apologised and promised to ensure it is not repeated.
It appears as if the KN IS determined to continue in this way and implicitly propagate stereotypes which cause much hurt to Amerindian women and indeed other Guyanese.
We deserve no less than equal respect.


  1. When will KN get their acts together over and over again they are being slam for their type of journalism and still they continue with do what they feel like and cause discomfort and shame on some people im saying this again the news entity needs to feel the penalty for their way of putting stories out there.....

  2. Its seems as though they are not people of their word. it was promised that they will not stereo type Amerindians... yet they have done it again...when will people realize KN is a bunch a liars who only interested in having fake, jucy and stereotyping news!!

  3. KN has really shown the public their bad journalism over the years and they still continue without putting into consideration of other only thinking of putting their story out there even if people are hurt or cause discrimination against others.

  4. KN should have shown some consideration time and time again i have heard the government saying that the Amerindians should be treated with equal respect in this country but i guess that kn have none for whoever cause they even go after the president with giving a damn but they will end all this disrespect when the real action is taken against them.The govt should put a ban on them like what CN Sharma got.