Tuesday, October 12, 2010

G.H.R.A was silent when all these killings took place.

Fiona Singh, Neil Jupiter and Steve Jupiter

On September 4, five persons including a 23-year-old woman and her three-year-old son, were killed in an execution-style attack. Police have since said that the other victims, Steve Jupiter, Christopher Gordon and Sherwin Jerome, were the targets and were believed to have been killed over missing drugs-THE G.H.R.A WAS SILENT

Sheema Mangar

On September 10th, 20 year old Sheema Mangar was robbed of her mobile phone some time after 6 pm as she waited for transportation on North Road, close to Camp Street.

The young woman chased the perpetrator, who jumped into a car and ran her down when she tried to stop him from fleeing. The woman was dragged from the Bedford Methodist Church at Camp Street and North Road to the intersection of Camp and Church streets. She died hours later at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital from a ruptured spleen, which was one of the many injuries she sustained


Mark Caesar

On Friday October 1st Mark Caesar was executed by gunmen as he stood at his usual Broad and Adeliade streets liming spot.

Caesar, 31, called “Lil Mark,” of St. Stephens Street, Charlestown, died while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The man suffered several gunshot wounds about the body in the drive-by attack-THE G.H.R.A WAS SILENT

Neesa Lalita Gopaul

On Saturday October 2nd Neesa Gopaul’s decomposing remains were discovered stuffed in a suitcase and anchored in the creek close to the Emerald Tower resort by the picnickers. Her head was bashed in so that her remains appeared headless. Her Mother and Step-Father were later charged with her murder-THE G.H.R.A WAS SILENT

Patrick Goodluck

On the evening of Monday October 4th, gunmen opened fire on a car in Royal Drive, Campbellville killing Partick Goodluck and Godfrey Grootfaam in the process-THE G.H.R.A WAS SILENT




  1. Once again this organization has not open their mouth on these killings and if was some sort of political issue you would have heard their voices loud and clear.

  2. This is soo true.. GHRA like pushing they mouth in everything and what does human rights have to do with a canal.. Them should just keep they mouth shut cuz is sheer shit coming out for real.. They never condemn these killings an now they talking about a canal.. They should all goes back to playschool, bunch of ignorants...

  3. I think that this organization is more with politics cause i can see has a human right organization they don't come out and speak against these killings but with politics you hear them speak with one is this organization priority the welfare of human or politics.I think the families should come out and protest against this organization for being silent.