Thursday, October 21, 2010

Surujbally & his Commissioners should explain GECOM's inability to deliver on its mandate despite Billons of $$ in expenditure.

Instead of barbing about the misconstrued directive, GECOM's Chairman and Commissioners should bow their heads in shame over the entity's inability to host local government elections this year.

At one time Guyana was spending more money on a per captia basis than any other country in the world to organise elections. We find it inconceivable that they could not make proper arrangements to prepare for elections this year with all the staff and money that was expended…something has to be wrong.

When GECOM's continued failure is examined against the fact that in some countries in the region agencies tasked with the running of elections only have to be given a one month notice and they are prepared and ready for elections, it makes one wonder about value for money and the competence of those tasked with administering the agency such as Surujbally and the commissioners.


  1. They never seem to be ready when its time for local govt election to be held and they spent money to hire people for the job and at the end there is no results.

  2. so much preparation then the end results is always the same...i dont kno what would be the best solution for sure they've tried it all but same lateness an unfinished work!!