Monday, October 25, 2010

C.N.Sharma hiding out in Canada.

-Doctor at Balwant Singh hospital facilitated his flight from justice

C.N Sharma during one of his many acting stints after appearing in court.

Leader of the Justice for All Party, C.N Sharma is reportedly hiding out in Canada in an attempt to stall criminal proceedings against him. Sharma is currently before the court for having sex with an underage girl against her will and has desperately tried his best to subvert the course of justice. The first time Sharma was taken to court he pretended as though he was ill and had to be taken to the hospital with what was perceived to be a heart condition. While in hospital he rejected the medication by spitting it out in the lavatory. Attempts were also made to bribe the family of the female involved through an offer of $10M which was facilitated by Mark Benschop. Later on it was revealed that Sharma tried to get doctors at the Caribbean Heart Institute to falsely issue a letter stating that he was gravely ill and needed urgent overseas treatment. However, doctors at the CHI who were approached by a Secretary in Sharma's employ indicated that they needed to see him before any such letter was issued. At the time he remained in the vehicle in the compound, a few steps from the institute.

He then paid a huge sum to a doctor at Dr Balwant Singh’s hospital and from there he travelled to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on his way to Trinidad having been cleared to travel by the courts.
He was to check in to St Clair Hospital (1-868-628-1451) where he would have been under the supervision of Dr Hughley Hanoman, a Guyanese now resident in Trinidad.
Word out of Trinidad is that Mr. Sharma never checked into the hospital, choosing instead to do so at a hotel. There are reports that he is now in Canada. There have been two other court hearings and he has been absent from both because of his ailment.


  1. CN just running from facing the law for the rape charge that he has committed and every time he just playing he sick every time he has too go to court.But there have to got some justice for this act.

  2. He using he illness to getaway from being tried for a offence which he has committed.People have suffer from this matter and he is trying to pay his way through.

  3. the government of guyana need to take measure as to get the canadian to deport sharma to guyana so as to let him face the court and the charge that will be placed against him.this man should not be spared nor should there be any sympathy be placed in charging him