Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Undemocratic AFC in further turmoil.

-Trotman intends to run a second time

Michael Carrington

As signs of turmoil within the much touted about 'third force' continue to show, AFC executive Michael Carrington says he will press ahead with his challenge to Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan for the presidential candidacy at the party’s national conference this weekend, despite vigorous efforts to dissuade him.

Carrington issued a statement last night announcing his intention to run as a grassroots candidate and according to him, party leader Raphael Trotman told him to keep his challenge silent.

Carrington however, believes that withholding the information from the public and the general membership of the AFC would be disadvantageous to his bid, and also hurt his chances at success. He said too that it would help to close the door to freedom of information and transparency in the party.

Carrington alleged that the Ramjattan’s team had tried “with much vigour” to eliminate him from the race on the ground that he is unqualified, noting that this did not dissuade him from going to the general membership for their approval. He received approval from the National Executive Committee (NAC) on September 25.

Carrington also alleged that Trotman has intentions of running for the post a second time, but that he is being constrained by media, PPP propaganda and the rotation principle. “I had asked Mr. Trotman a straightforward question about whether he would like to run for the Presidency for a second consecutive occasion and he answered in the affirmative" Carrington said.


  1. SMH it's only a matter of time before this party collapse with all the fighting among each others for position in the party cause everyday or every week there is a new development within the AFC for some position for a small party they are unsettle just imagine if they got to run this country we are going to be in deep Miasmic Mess.

  2. This is a new fight now in the AFC for a next position plus there are sings that Trotman don't want Ramjattan in this party cause he want this man to say silent.......