Thursday, September 30, 2010

Like Christopher Ram, Freddie Kissoon & G.H.K Lall, David Granger is just another political opportunist masquerading as a civil society advocate.

David Granger

Retired Brigadier David Granger's recent announcement only confirms views expressed here by us that self titled 'civil society advocates' like himself, Freddie Kissoon, Christopher Ram, Sasenarine Singh, G.H.K Lall are actually political opportunists masquerading under disguise.
This network through the use of space and coverage provided by Kaieteur News and Stabroek News pretend to be objective but only spew anti-government bile.

Granger, through the Guyana Review often passes partisan criticisms of the current Government, its policies and programmes as objective criticism while being very lenient on the destructive policies of the former PNC administration, of which he played an integral part. While we have no quarrel with his political choice, we do have one with the level of pretense employed by Granger and his anti-government cabal.

Now that we know he is a supporter of the PNCR and its politics one needs to closely examine the following:

1) Granger's role in the Army. Especially since we earlier learnt that hundreds of high powered weapons were transferred from the Army to the PNC under his watch.

2) His role in the Guyana Review


  1. 1) If you believe that narco-violence is PNC instigated, then is the suggestion truly that the opposition, not the government controls Joint Services matters?
    2) He founded the Guyana Review. Reading the masthead in any of the magazine's issues would have revealed his role there.

  2. Here's another goat covered in sheep's clothing!! first corbin now granger!! whats next? the PNC honestly believe that this man will lead them to victory..oh plzzzzzzzz!!

    Tax evading accountant

  4. How many of these “civil society advocates” are around? And how is it that these people often have a history with the PNC? Is it that the PNC breeds crooks? By all appearances, one in their right mind wouldn’t condone the thought of the PNC or even the corrupted AFC to rule this country … Freddie, Granger and the rest of them just looking to full their own pockets, gain praise through lies and deceit and in achieving this, bringing down all who’s in their way while getting there.