Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kaieteur News New Nation & Congress Place more concerned about Ram than CLICO policy holders.

The Government of Guyana has said in a statement that Kaieteur News’s Friday editorial and the PNCR’s press statement carried in Saturday’s edition of the Stabroek News voiced concerns about how one man was treated and ignores those of thousands of Clico policyholders who will be reimbursed through government’s plan.

The government said “… the striking consistency between these two political missives provides some amount of corroboration of the suggestion made previously that [Kaieteur News] has replaced the now defunct New Nation as the new newspaper of the PNCR.” It said both the editorial and the PNCR statement “reveal the priorities of that paper and its political sponsors” and they “treat as a passing irrelevance the relief that will be brought to the thousands of Clico policyholders who will recover the value of their policies as a result of [its] plan.”

Government said Chris-topher Ram is “an acknowledged opposition political activist, a self-confessed co-author of the last PNCR political manifesto, and a man who played an instrumental role in frustrating a previous application to liquidate a financial institution in distress” caused thousands of policyholders to lose their deposits.

Both entities speak of the standards expected of persons who wish to be perceived as objective political commentators but Ram has “routinely insulted persons in police office and persons perceived to [be] close to this administration,” the release said.

It also said more recently Ram in his letter carried in Thursday’s edition of this newspaper insinuated that there was political direction in determining who was also to surrender their policies before judicial management commenced at Clico.

The government said too that Ram is understood to have made “all manner of insulting statements to the media” about the President on his departure from the National Cultural Centre and it asked if he is exempt from the standards that govern public behaviour towards the head of state as the PNCR and Kaieteur News remain unembarrassed by their obvious double standards.

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  1. the pnc has too many idle time on there hands and does not in any way what so ever has no concern toward the people of guyana and the fact that they are plans being put in place to ensure that policy holder be reimburse of there money from clico.they are making ram the main aspect of this situation wen people are more concern about the investment been replace.