Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trotman's call for an election boycott is a reflection of the AFC's unpreparedness.

-Ramjattan supporters see it as another sideline attempt

AFC leader Raphael Trotman's suggestion that opposition parties should refuse to participate in 2011 elections until an investigation into the operations of the "Phantom Squad" is done is a very poor attempt to deflect from his party's unpreparedness and own internal ramblings.

It is no secret that the AFC is in serious trouble with 2011 general elections just around the corner. This trouble is fueled by the seeming unwillingness by top people in the party to honour the principle of leadership rotation, clarity about the relationship between the party leader and its presidential candidate and division within the party regarding its relationship with the PNC and the defunct WPA.
Persons within the party have told us that Trotman's recent call is also being viewed with much skepticism by insiders aligned to Khemraj Ramjattan as it is seen as a further attempt to deny Ramjattan the 2011 Presidential candidacy.


  1. trotman is only trying to boy cut the election because of the fact that the afc have a lot going on in there little party and also that the members are divide into two so he is looking for a way to buy some time to get out of the deep shit that they are in cause there is no chance that they can win next year

  2. As they try to save themselves the embarrassment of going to the election with all the despite among themselves they call for boycott of the election.Why if they poll that was done on their behalf show that they will win the election why a sudden change.Guess they just was hit a reality check.........hahahahahaha

  3. These ppl really aint know what they want and if they don't know what they want for their own little party muchless for the people of Guyana..they are just a tiny party with sooooo much problems.

  4. the afc is not ready for the 2011 election the party has a lot of problem and there back is against the wall with time running out for them to get there party together so trotman think a boy cut will buy him some time to be ready.

  5. It is as clear as crystal that these people are not ready for the shoes they are trying to fit into… The AFC again and again spills out to the public their inability, unfitness, indecisive and lack of leadership qualities in which they undoubtedly possess. They operate as if it’s a game they are playing, one which they could change their token as they please whilst the other players wait for their move…in such games the indecisive players gets put out for slowing up the game. The AFC practices a type of fallacy which is known as the red herring… this is one in which they use spicy matters of interest to distract the premise which in this case is seen with the surfacing of the phantom case instead of the real issue at hand which is making up their damn minds on what they really doing!