Friday, September 17, 2010

What else can you expect from a newspaper that is owned by the brother of known smuggler Reaz Khan?

Khurshid Sattaur: I write in relation to the frequent baseless attacks on the Guyana Revenue Authority published by a particular section of the media. The most recent of these articles was published in the Kaieteur News (Sunday September 12, 2010) at page 23 under the Freddie Kissoon Column captioned ‘Fear, Suicide and Fascism: The Story of Godwin Maxwell’. In my view, when political commentators engage in these attacks, it can create tension in the society and the public at large. I therefore view this as a farcical attempt to score political points and/or for some sinister gratification.

As the head of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), I am more interested in correcting the gross travesty that is being perpetrated from the lack of knowledge displayed with regard to the operations of the VAT, which can incite tension between the public at large and the organization.

Without engaging in any mudslinging concerning the individual whose article on a daily basis would appear to have earned him the title of a journalist and self-proclaimed human rights activist, I wish to state that this columnist is extremely misinformed and his tragic tale of oppression that resulted in a deadly leap is egregious and would mislead gullible people.

Mr. Kissoon, in his article stated that the late Mr. Maxwell, in his suicide, spared his family from some ghostly harm. Editor, there is no factual or evidential proof of any existing threat against Mr. Maxwell’s family, particularly from the Guyana Revenue Authority.Read more.....

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