Friday, September 3, 2010

Many questions surround Benschop's involvement in wanted man Cobra's surrender.

Tyrone 'Cobra' Rowe

One of Guyana most wanted fugitives has turned himself in to law enforcement authorities almost 4 months after a wanted bulletin was issued for him, and again this suspected criminal is being sanctified by media operatives aligned to the opposition parties.
The battle cry this time around is 'this little boy couldn't do all dem things'. Tell that to the people in Albouystown and surrounding areas whom 'Cobra' and his gang terrorized, robbed and in some cases raped. Tell that also to police patrols in the South Georgetown area. Cobra earned his reputation for the 'no fear the police' attitude he demonstrated. One several occasions he opened fire first on police patrols in the Albouystown area. Yes! This little boy.

But what stands out though is Mark Benschop's ability to make contact with wanted fugitives. Remember it was Benschop who made the infamous Andrew Douglas 'Freedom Fighter' tape. It was also Benschop and Ronald Waddell who indoctrinated the Mash Day prison escapees turning them towards political struggle-Freddie Kissoon wrote about this.

Both the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News reported that Cobra contacted Benschop whilst in hiding and arranged for his surrender. Knowing Benschop and his penchant for political prostitution who is to say that he didn't meet Cobra before? Knowing what Benschop did in the past it is not unreasonable to assume that he choreographed yesterday's events.......

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  1. the name tyrone row aka cobra was in the media for months now and the out of the blues the wanted man decide to turn him self in to the authorities and it is said that this was due to the persuasion of mark benschop. now tell me if after months of being accuse of committing various crimes and one murder how can a man that has many causalities with the law him self tell cobra to turn him self in, this seem like plans made by mark