Friday, September 17, 2010

Cocaine Chris tried to disrupt President's meeting with CLICO depositors.

- chased out of Cultural Center by angry CLICO depositors

As was expected Cocaine Chris showed up at the President's meeting with CLICO depositors and tried his earnest best to disrupt an otherwise smooth proceeding. As soon as the President began taking questions from the floor, Ram who was seated in the back row, forced himself through persons who were attempting to raise legitimate concerns and sought to ask questions which were of very little concern to those in attendance. However, neither the audience nor the President would have none of it and Ram hastily retreated from the venue with Gordon Moseley and his other media colleagues in tow after sections of the audience began to vent their frustration with his actions.


  1. ram wanted to disrupt the metting and was not giving the chance to do so after he was chase out by the audience who was not interested in what negative or what has no relation to how they are going to be reimburse of there money.

  2. Christopher Ram and Seebarran of Bourda illegaly does work and are corporate gangsters. Beware of those crooks. They help their dubious-character clients but not the country.