Thursday, September 30, 2010

CXC repeaters to benefit from free Math & English classes to be provided by the Government

Government will be sponsoring free classes in Mathematics and English over the next year for students who would have failed to matriculate at this year’s CSEC examination, Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon announced yesterday.

Roger Luncheon

He said that this would offer “a second opportunity” to those who failed to matriculate the June 2010 CSEC examination as well as others who failed to matriculate specifically because of weaknesses in Mathematics and English. Luncheon explained that matriculation “as of today” would include a minimum of 5 subjects (Grades 1 to 3) including Mathematics and English at one sitting or six subjects (including Mathematics and English) at two sittings.

“Cabinet’s agreement was to provide a year long course of academic reinforcement in English and Mathematics free to students who are eligible countrywide,” Luncheon said. “The courses will be delivered on a weekly basis at centres manned by resource persons from the Adult Education and from the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE),” he added. Special attention will be paid to students in the hinterland, Luncheon said, adding that other persons would be “solicited” via advertisements. These persons, Luncheon said would rewrite English and/or Mathematics in June of next year.

Luncheon said that cabinet is estimating that approximately 1000 students may enroll in the classes but said that it is likely that more would participate.


  1. Has the govt continues to focus on the education of our children they now are give free classes for CXC now this is just to show the interest of our children and time and time again the president have said better ourselves in terms of education.

  2. This is very essential because majority of the students in Guyana would fail Maths and English and they are what most employers look for wen applying for a job! This program will be there to give students a second chance of making themselves someone!!

  3. this is a positive thing to do since 95% of student tend to fail maths and that is one of the number one requirement when applying for a job and is needed in every days activities.

  4. This is a commendable initiative by the Government and is to be seen indeed as a “second chance” for persons that may not have been successful at their recent sittings in these subject areas. Mathematics and English, is today undoubtedly crucial in the qualifications being required at job firms and other places of work. Like all the other self improving initiatives that the Government has presented to the people of Guyana, this is ideally an immense one.

  5. this is good becuase it gives people a second chance to make something of themselves but only maths an english? and any fee??