Saturday, September 11, 2010

AFC loosing overseas support over Ramjattan/Trotman infighting.

Dr Randy Persaud: IN politics, you always want to win. If you don’t, then you might be in the wrong business. In this case it might be better just to pack up and go back to the law office. At the same time politics aren’t just about winning office. Most people get into politics because they want to provide service to the public. Most want to engage in nation building and to build a society where future generations can have a better shot at life. Power cannot and should not be the main motivation for getting into politics.
It is now urgent that someone Guyanese in good standing take some time and explain these basic principles to the AFC. The party is hurting itself badly. Blunders have become too frequent. Top people have left and many at the bottom are fed up with the various crises at the leadership level. One early supporter from New York who goes by the name of “Eggball” perhaps said it most poignantly when he observed that “the AFC leada dem a fight too much and dem nah ghee nobady else wan chance”. “Eggball’s” cousin, “Crapo-cack,” who was supporting the AFC up to two weeks ago said that Trotman and Ramjattan should go back to “dem party because dem nah ready yet.”
The AFC must stop shooting itself in the foot. What in the world does it mean when a major news source runs a story that Mr. Ramjattan feels assured of his candidacy for the next elections? What must the average man think when he sees Michael Carrington sparring for power and differing with Mr. Ramjattan? Why can’t Mr. Trotman and Mr. Ramjattan stop fighting over the partnership issue? When will Sheila Holder be given a fair chance in a party that boasts that it hopes to represent the interests of women in the future?
The average Mr. Eggball and Mr. Crapo-cack out there is getting tired of the infighting going on in the AFC.

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