Saturday, September 18, 2010

PNC has no care what-so-ever for CLICO depositors.

It is obvious that the PNC is more preoccupied with Jagdeo and scoring cheap political points than having genuine concerns for those thousands of CLICO depositors who were affected by the company's collapse. Instead of demonstrating any such concern subsequent to the President's meeting with CLICO depositors the party via its most recent press statement was more focused with his behaviour.

Many good things came out from that meeting yet they chose to highlight the negatives.


  1. The PNC is so pathetic in everything they do and say, and this is exactly why they would never succeed at the upcoming elections... I am amazed at times at the level of ignorance these people immerse themselves in... Imagine instead of placing interest in matters of the country at hand, the busy running behind the President to pick out flaws as with a egret picking flea on a cow... The seriously need to quit...

  2. the main opposition pnc is ridiculous for looking into what is not the matter at hand and making it the big issue.they are constantly criticizing the every move of the president and is in no way concern about the people getting back there hard earn money that they invested into clico.they need to quit and find a better hobby.

  3. This is a party who claim they can do better for the country and look what they try to make an issue the president behavior towards Chris Ram first of all is he a Clico member what was his interest being there i know to find some way to blame the president just like how the PNC is doing now, that meeting was about help those that had invested their money into Clico but if the PNC they wouldn't had hear anything from them but you hearing now because of how the president behave.