Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buxtonians ask what tangible contributions has David Hinds made to aid in their development.

Nigel Green: Buxton is a beautiful part of Guyana. All Buxtonians, whether they are current residents, or have left Buxton and are currently residing elsewhere, should, and are not prohibited, in any way, from contributing to their community.
Like any other village in Guyana, I am sure that Buxton would welcome any form of assistance which aids in the community’s development and economic prosperity.
The President’s recent engagement with Buxton however, was under great condemnation. A particular overseas-based Guyanese, who comes from the Buxton village, Dr David Hinds, could not come to terms with the fact that ties were being strengthened between the current administration and the Buxton community.
Like so many others, Hinds is a political opportunist. He realises that too much Jagdeo affiliations with Buxton will weaken any political influence that the opposition parties may have in that community.
This is a simple letter. I ask only one question. With his disgust and obvious disapproval of any PPP/C/ Buxton alliance, what tangible contribution has David Hinds made to the village of Buxton? There is no evidence to suggest that the people of Buxton could ever benefit from Hinds’ constant ‘washing his mount’ on them, and judging from his letters, that’s all he ever does. His constant berating of PPP/ Buxton relations is nowhere near being in the interests of Buxtonians.
Instead, it showcases unmistakably, his political ambition, in light of the upcoming elections.
Will David Hinds please stand up and tell the people of Buxton what tangible contributions he has made to their village, and how those contributions have aided development, in any way, in the lives of the people of Buxton, and for that matter, the people of Guyana?


  1. This is the same question i keep asking over and over!
    What has the opposition who babble their mouths all over the place about the PPP helping the Buxtonions and they don't even give a shit about them...David Hinds a man of Buxton and dont even visit Buxton on elections time to even bribe the people...tist tist tist how low can you go David!

  2. The only thing the had tried to do in buxton was stop the people from getting a chance to hear what the president got to offer the village.Its clear and i hope the people of that village see that he is one wanna stifle the village from being develop.

  3. the people of buxton has receive some computer and steel pan from the president of guyana and he also started a a plan along with gbti give ;loan to forty women (40)courts was also to visited the village.
    the canadian are also helping with the development of buxton and there has never been a time when the buxton people can say that david hinds help them in any way so he really need to stop criticizing the president work about what he had given to the buxton people until he can do better

  4. the opposition can barely do fr them self and they are trying to stop the buxton people to refuse the support of the president and they can do anything for the people of buxton beside sink the community with its corruption and guns