Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trotman, his mother and Ramjattan robbed a poor man of his property!

-Prakash Persaud cries for justice

In the Sunday 6th December 2009 edition of the Kaieteur News the headline in the AFC column read: ‘Updating the Diaspora on Govt’s “corrupt practices” ’, wherein it was reported by one Adit Kumar, from an abridged reproduction in the Indo-Caribbean World on the 25th November that former Central Executive member of the People’s Progressive Party and co-leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC) in Guyana, Khemraj Ramjattan, was in Toronto over the past week meeting and updating the Diaspora on the “corrupt practices” of the PPP Government.

What a sweeping statement by someone who has no idea of the real issues in this country, and the identities and agendas of the protagonists comprising the joint opposition parties, all of whom change their positions more often than they change their clothes in their opportunistic pursuit of power in the nation.

In the same edition of the same newspaper was carried a letter by one Prakash Persaud, who is suing the mother of Raphael Trotman, Ms. Sheila Chapman, of the legal firm Trotman, Chapman and Associates, for fraud through a crooked transaction which Raphael Trotman signed legal documents as witness to, thus authenticating that transaction that robbed one person of properties valued at millions of dollars.

This purportedly ‘principled’ co-leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, had accepted payment to represent Prakash Persaud and failed to do so.

His non-attendance at court resulted in Persaud losing the case then, when Persaud took Chapman to the Bar Association for malpractice and fraud, Ramjattan chastised him for so doing, stating that he had to consider ‘fraternity’.

Where was this much-vaunted integrity of Ramjattan’s when he accepted the fees from Prakash Persaud, who was an associate of his, and who paid him in good faith, thinking that he would deliver the professional services which he had essentially contracted to provide upon acceptance of the payments he had requested?

He broke that verbal contract and caused much loss to Persaud, because he considered he should have more loyalty to his co-leader rather than to his client.

And why does Raphael Trotman not make restitution to Prakash Persaud for his losses, since he is purporting to have had an epiphany and has now developed a voice of conscience, which he seemingly lacked during the years he was an integral component of the PNC’s destructive and devastating actions, until he fell out with Corbin over leadership issues?

Integrity is a cheap commodity when it is merely rhetoric, but some so-called self-proclaimed leaders of this country need to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ and reimburse the people they have robbed before deigning to speak about corruption.

Only if one is incorruptible can they credibly point fingers at others on charges of corruption.

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