Friday, September 3, 2010

Benschop told Cobra to surrender after police were hot on their trails-Police Source

A police source has just revealed that law enforcement officials were following a trail that led to Mark Benschop in their pursuit of wanted man Tyrone 'Cobra' Rowe and this caused Benschop to turn him in. The source revealed that Benschop along with several overseas based Guyanese had built a network of criminals that included Cobra in preparation for a 2011 elections terror campaign and law enforcement officials were about to crack the case. It was said that Benschop obtained overseas funding for the group and frequently met and gave support to Cobra and others. The group also includes Ministry of Health arson accused, Kurt Thierens a.k.a Glasses and several other criminals from Agricola, Buxton and Albouystown.

Persons in the Crane area also reported seeing Benschop visiting Cobra in the abandoned house he then occupied. The Police came up empty handed after they searched the said house looking for Cobra. Our police source also revealed that Cobra's girlfriend during questioning told police that Benschop gave the wanted man money on more than one occasion.


  1. what else can you except from this man he is always involve with these criminal and communicating with them.why dont these people ever contact the local new station or paper when claiming certain act or turning them self into police custody.this man is set these people up to do these criminal acts against the government or people of this nation

  2. what u except this is how the man do things he is always associated with these fellons and then want to portray to the people that he is the hero by put half of the story on the site for the viewers to see

  3. 2011 elections is next year, for the 2006 elections we had a massive and bloody massacre hosted by the oppositions, i don't think we need to look far as to whom was the spare head of it all....