Friday, September 17, 2010

Arrest warrant issued for Benschop

-also fingered in Bartica robbery murder

A Georgetown magistrate on Friday issued an arrest warrant for social and political activist, Mark Benschop. The bench-warrant was issued after Benschop allegedly failed to turn up to court on several occasions for several pending matters.

Benschop's name also surfaced during investigations into the murder of gold dealers Jainarine Raghubar and Ramdeo Deonarine. A source close to the investigation told this blog that Benschop shared a very close relationship with the alleged mastermind who's in police custody. He reportedly told investigators during interrogation that Benschop collected a sum of money as payment for arranging a Durban street house in which the gang stayed subsequent to the robbery. Police have so far been unable to locate Benschop.

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  1. lol... Benschop on the out now! This man is a comic; he got his own plate greasy and hustling to wash other people wares in the name of being labeled "good"... And to think he wants to be in leadership position in this country…oh judgment! “Come out, come out wherever you are!” hehe…