Thursday, September 30, 2010

Man paid $10,000 to place CLICO bomb scare call.

A bomb scare at Clico’s main office on Camp Street, yesterday forced the temporary suspension of services for about an hour.
Media reports indicate that the switchboard operator received a call shortly after noon, stating that there was a bomb in the building.
Staff members were alerted and they immediately rushed out into the streets. The police and fire service were called in.
Several checks inside the building by the police bomb experts failed to locate anything.
About 15 minutes later officers informed workers that it was safe to re-enter the building. Judicial Manager Tracy Gibson merely said she was not inside of the building when the incident occurred.
Gibson said she received a phone call from a staff member informing her about the “bomb scare” and she rushed over.
Officials from the insurance company refused to comment on the incident.
However, we have learnt through our usually reliable sources that a certain self proclaimed civil society advocate who tried his earnest best to disrupt the President's meeting with CLICO policy holders paid an individual $10,000 to make the prank call in an effort to disrupt the payment of CLICO policy holders.


  1. these anti-government people is trying by all mean to stop all the proceeding and efforts to repay the clico policies holder and they are always talking about corruption in the country and they are the one that are causing the corruption.

  2. Well some people would go through anything just to get to blame the govt so they pay a man $10,000 to call so they could get to say that they didn't want to pay the policy holders.The things sum people would do to bad talk the govt

  3. I know dem Anti-government is behind this..they hate to see the government progressing..what will happen if the government decides to take on a bigger project which will benefits all Guyanese??? i could only imagine the the lengths they would go to mess it up!!

  4. It is quite mind boggling at the things and lengths people in the opposition go to hinder progress in this our beautiful land of Guyana at the hands of this hardworking and dedicated Government…Remarkably, after all their futile attempts to disrupt micro and macro economical development; they still miserably fail due to the strength, vision, enthusiasm, persistence and astute leadership qualities of the Government in accomplishing their goals and objectives for this country.