Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JOKE OF THE DAY: Hammie in he own boat at City Hall

On Sunday evening City Hall was plunged into darkness due to a fault in the municipality’s generating system. The City's redundant Mayor, Hamilton Green, before even seeking relevant answers from his staff went on about it being part of the pressures of central government.
Further Hammie was quoted by the Stabroek News as saying that GPL owes the City Council taxes. However, the power company in a statement yesterday said the following:

The Guyana Power and Light Inc. wishes to categorically state that it was not responsible for the disconnection of electricity supply to the Mayor and City Council’s buildings (City Engineer, Mayoral Secretariat and City Constabulary).
GPL is gravely disappointed in the unsubstantiated assertions of His Worship the Mayor as reported in the press that GPL disconnected City Hall and has refused to pay its predecessor GEC’s Rates and Taxes.
The Company’s investigation today (yesterday) discovered that the outage was as a result of a burnt change over switch installed by the Georgetown City Council, for which they are solely responsible.
For public information GPL’s policy is to disconnect consumer’s electricity in arrears on Monday through Friday only; we do not disconnect electricity supply on Saturdays, Sundays and on any public holiday. The Mayor’s allegation that GPL disconnected M&CC supply on Sunday is contrary to GPL’s policy and is blatantly incorrect.
In December of 2009, GPL, pursuant to an agreement made with the Council for an exchange of cheques, issued and paid a cheque in the sum of $179,496,876, which fully settled GPL’s and GEC’s Rates and Taxes at December 2009, as well as all outstanding GEC’s obligations to the M&CC.
The GPL finds the Mayor’s allegation disappointing, especially given the facts that both entities have been trying to resolve their issues amicably,” the GPL release concluded.


  1. There you see a form of miscommunication as well as an improper investigation on behalf of hammie..he refuses to look into the matter before he points his finger. this clearly shows lack of good management!!

  2. Well.... Hammie is a big joker... Watch he trying to look as if he doing something when he wrong like a Tuesday on a Monday... Goes to show his unfitness, lack of basic managerial tactics and further his lack of basic investigative skills... just imagine how many other incidents that have gone wrong under his nose in City Hall and he pins on the Government, et al… I wonder if Hammie does keep current, because I’m trying to figure out who in this day and age don't know GPL system with disconnection...hehe