Thursday, September 23, 2010

More guns issued to criminals by PNC sympathizers in the Army recovered.

Police in Berbice recovered six unlicensed guns in one night in East Canje and at Number 58 Village on the Corentyne, putting a major dent into what has been described as a major criminal gang.
According to reports out of Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force, about 22:20 hours on Tuesday, a patrol operating in the Adelphi area observed two men walking along the roadway in a suspicious manner.
The police had just completed initial investigations pertaining to a report of assault at Adelphi and were travelling in an unmarked vehicle when they observed two male suspects who are known to the police with a bulky bag.
One of the ranks recognized the suspects as former inmates of the New Amsterdam Prison and immediately tried to confront them.
But the men fled but a 25-year old of Adelphi New Scheme was moments later subdued and searched. Inside the black duffel bag, he was carrying, were two AK-47 assault rifles, a sub-machine gun (uzi) and a semi-automatic pistol along with a pump action shotgun with three matching rounds of ammunition. He was detained and is being interrogated.
During the process of his arrest he bit two of the ranks, one on his right hand and the other on his left hand.
His male companion escaped with another bag, which is suspected to have more ammunition. It is unclear what the men’s motive was, however, over the past three months; there were no reports of robbery in the East Canje area.
However, according to sources in Berbice, the men are part of a gang that was once led by notorious criminal David McPherson called colonel who was shot dead during a confrontation with the police earlier this year.
Police sources have confirmed that the recovered AK-47 rifles are part of the cache of weapons that was stolen from the Guyana Defence Force Headquarters, Camp Ayanganna in 2006.
Police also suspect that the semi automatic weapon (uzi) was used during a robbery on a gas station during which a security guard was shot dead.


  1. Good work by the police to unearth all these guns.Well it seem that the PNC plan to cause confusion for the upcoming election has started to fail has only when i was reading that they and the WPA had accumulating guns,so i hope they see that their criminal enterprise is beginning to stifle with this bust.

  2. the facts and evidence that the police of the guyana police are doing there job and are clamping down on the crimes in guyana and they are also taking quick action and response to 911 call.the guyana police force are also resolving some serious crime and murder within a month

  3. with the recent quick action response of the police to emergency call the guyana police force will have the crime rate in guyana at low rate and will have people with criminal minds thinking twice before they try to commit any criminal acts