Friday, September 24, 2010

GT BLUETOOTH: Some people like a ‘probing’

De Bluetoother amazed how some people does “sell” out dem self in public. De other day Glenn “sell” out by sehing he is a pick-pocket, a gutter cleaner and a weed cutter. To mek it ain’t look too bad, he seh Adam and Gordon is de same thing since all o’ dem gat GINA pass. Some does be even bolder and admit to other things. Like some o’ dem Hollywood celebrities who does go pun certain shows fuh “come out” de closet.

What dem ain’t know is what dem was “keeping” inside de closet was already out. People does know things. Dem can read between the lines especially when dem read de Waterfalls paper and watch Gordon and Adam news. De same paper and de two news calling fuh a probing into a certain thing in which dem gat “special” interest. Dem asking de guvment fuh probe phantom killings. De guvment seh no probing. Bluetoothers agree since dem dark days that over.

One Bluetoother seh if that is probe, then other things must get probe too. De Globe Trust fiasco should be probe. De manager wife is a Coconut Tree party parliamentarian. Glenn, Adam and Gordon loyal to that party. De crime wave a few years back and de supposed involvement of some member of de same Coconut Tree party should also be probe. Like everything else, probe gat probe back.

De Bluetoother can’t believe three men advocating so much fuh a probing. Is like dem obsess. Since there is no way dem gon get a probing from de guvment, de Bluetoother would like to suggest a competent Proctologist. So if yuh see de three o’ dem smiling, know that dem satisfied with de doctor! Is dem sell dem self out! Hmmm!

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