Thursday, September 9, 2010

Joel Fraser's relatives want closure.

-fingers Mark Benschop in the actor's murder

Relatives popular local actor Joel Fraser who was found dead on November 25th last with his throat slit at the Liliendaal seawall are adamant that Mark Benschop had something to do with his death. Speaking to members of the media yesterday Fraser's aunt related that he had complained of receiving several threats on his life from Benschop. When asked if he had contacted law enforcement authorities she replied in the negative.

Joel Fraser

Joel Fraser

At the time he was found, Fraser, 39, of Lot 27 Laing Avenue, was wearing only his underpants and a t-shirt. Valuables, which he had had in his possession, including a laptop computer and production material for the premiere of the Mori J’von Comedy Jam, were missing.

The killing, sent shock waves through the theatrical community that Fraser had been a member of for many years and came hours before what would've been his last production was set to open at the National Cultural Centre. It was also reported then that Fraser was having a relationship with Benschop's ex-wife up until his death. Mrs. Benschop told reporters that Fraser was her Production Manager and they were in the height of preparing for a performance in Berbice some time in December of that year.

According to Benschop, Fraser left rehearsals for the ‘Nothing to laugh about’ show to attend rehearsals for another comedy show in which he was scheduled to perform at the National Cultural Centre. “He called me at about 12:15 (after midnight) and said that he was at the market, making arrangements to have the banner for the show taken up for display in Berbice. I called him back about an hour later but while talking to him my phone ran out of credit,” Benschop said.

However, Fraser's aunt said that Benschop fled to country immediately after Fraser's body was discovered and this along with the threats confirmed her suspicions. The police were also said to be looking for Benschop's handyman whose only known name was 'Buck'. She is calling on the police to bring closure to this matter by bringing the perpetrators to justice.


  1. Wow this is quite a story. The Benschops should come clean and say what they know about this man's demise.
    All the criminals seem to know Mark's number how come no one called concerning this?
    Come on Mark and Maria have a heart and let the family know what happened.

  2. Mark getting himself wrap up with too much criminals..he needs to be investigated..its certainly not a coinsedience dat dese ppl are linkes to him in some way or the other!!