Thursday, September 22, 2011

The 'Alliance' needs 'Change'

Sasenarine 'Thunderbolt' Singh

Baldeo Mathura: THE AFC's Sasenarine Singh is up to mischief again. Kaieteur News and Singh fooled no one as the erroneous contents of Singh's letter was deliberate and so too was its publication in the unedited form.
They both are anti-government and also both employ sensationalism and misinformation as a means of discrediting the government. So when Singh's letter titled "All hail the boy Emperor" found its way in the September 19 edition of the Kaieteur News, I was not surprised.
What surprised me though was the claim by this newspaper that it has noticed over a period of time that letters by Singh are usually riddled with statements not fit for publication.

It also said that some of the statements contained in Singh's latest letter were libellous, unsubstantiated and smacked of rank politicking designed to discredit the government.

This is quite an indictment from an opposition aligned newspaper on an official of the opposition party which projects itself as being an agent of 'change'. It now leaves one to wonder what 'change' might take place should these folks be given a chance to govern.

It is this type of behaviour by Singh which exposes the 'bottom house' mentality of the clique which now dominates the AFC hierarchy.
And it truly underscores the fact that the 'Alliance' needs 'Change'

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