Thursday, September 22, 2011

If the Guyanese population is such a deprived one then where will APNU raise its $1.2B in campaign funds from?

The strategy of the opposition APNU is confusing. On one hand they seem desperate in trying to convince people to side with them by painting a picture of desolation and gloom in the country. And on the other hand APNU at one of its press briefings said the monies used for the Day of Appreciation for President Jagdeo, would have been better deployed towards easing the deprivation in the country.
But this same party is hoping to raise $1.2 billion dollars from the deprived population for its election coffers. You see the confusion here?
If Guyana is so deprived where are Guyanese businessmen and citizens going to find $1.2 billion just to allow the APNU to win the election? Where is this $1.2 billion coming from? Certainly, it cannot be coming from this “deprived” economy and its poor citizens.

Let us make no bones about it; the coming together of washed-up, aging politicians has failed miserable to capture the attention of the public so all sorts of public shenanigans are being used to make up for this failure. Be warned also that as the election date draws closer more outlandish and nonsensical pronouncements will be made

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