Monday, September 12, 2011

Ramjattan's candidacy causing the AFC to loose grounds gained in 2006.

-Less than 15 attend AFC public meeting in Georgetown

All the evidence seen so far indicates that Khemraj Ramjattan's candidacy is causing the Alliance For Change (AFC) to loose most(if not all) the ground it gained in 2006 when disenchanted PNC supporters voted overwhelmingly for that party. So far AFC public meetings in North and South Sophia, Kitty, Albouystown, several villages on the West Coast of Demerara and Berbice have received luke-warm responses. With a few of them having to be called off after no one turned up. This has been attributed by commentators to several factors which include Ramjattan's uninspiring candidacy, little or no political ground work done by that party to capitalize on the gains made in 06 and the PNC's latest attempt at baggage shedding through the creation of APNU. On Saturday the AFC held another public meeting in a South Georgetown ward and though the event featured several of the party's heavy weights, including its presidential candidate, it attracted less than 15 persons.

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