Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christopher Ram and Kaieteur News stifling freedom of expression

Liveinguyana received this correspondence via email

I wrote a letter that was published in yesterday August 20, 2011 Kaieteur News which was eventually retracted from its website. Here's a copy of it.

Dear Editor,
The recent reports about allegations of some Guyanese law enforcement officers being operatives in the cocaine export and other organized crimes trade has gone viral.
These reports are derived from the hidden secrets from people who were aware of illegal activities, but now these allegations have come into light. This questions the integrity and ethos of the Guyanese law enforcement agencies and whether the ideology that “money can buy anything” is the typical prototype that is evident in Guyana. I look forward to a comprehensive investigation to those allegations.
Speaking of corruption , I wish to explain in the most condensed form as possible my experiences with an accountant who was knowledgeable of highly illegal and suspiciously dangerous activities, but chose not to boycott the client or refuse the client because of the generous and lavish monetary compensation that is provided by the questionable client. I undertook a job at the client’s premises from July 2008 to February 2009 preparing the accounts under the directives of my former boss. I found some suspicious sources of income from the client’s bank statements, and I thought as an aspiring accountant it would be ‘accountingly-patriotic’ to report my findings to my superiors. To my surprise, my former boss turned a blind eye on the matter. Subsequently, he and his family who all own the accounting firm started to victimize me.
I remember the week before I was robbed not far from the establishment that his daughter threatened me because it was apparent that I knew too much in their perspective.
To add, my former boss was in the process of assisting his client in securing a bid for the tender of a hotel and tourism business that was under receivership and was being auctioned off.
Under the liberties of free speech, I remember that several weeks before I walked off the job, some of my colleagues told me that the daughter boasted that her client paid the bid installment in cash. By the hundreds of millions.
This shows that even accountants are willing to forfeit their ethics and professionalism for dirty money and clients’ interests.
Amrita Ramotaur

I worked for Ramesh Seebarran and he was the auditor and it appears that Christopher Ram told Kaieteur News to take down the website because he thought that I was writing about him.

Is this freedom of Speech? Christopher Ram and Ramesh Seebarran demanded Kaieteur News to take down anything that exposes their unlawful dealings. I didn't even mention names or anything. Just my experiences. I hope that you can cover that Ram is a true dictator. He is trying to silence anyone who is trying to expose his dealings. Look at how quick Kaieteur News took down the letter. See autocratic behavior for yourself.


  1. Glen Lall, Christopher Ram, Adam Harris and Freddie Kissoon are all traitors and should all be charged for treason.
    The govt is too slack.

  2. Everyday they try to say that the govt stifling freedom of expression and they are the ones that are doing it not publishing people letters in their daily.

  3. Its funny how these people talk about this issue and they are really truly the ones that is really stifling the freedom of expressions by refusing to print others letters.