Saturday, September 3, 2011

It was Charge d’ Affaires Thomas who released the Winston Felix/Basil Williams tape recording

Gail Teixeira: HAVING seen the purported Wikileaks release of cables emanating from the US Embassy here in Guyana in the period of December 2005 and July 2006, when l was Minister of Home Affairs, l wish to say that two thirds of what is reported by the then Charge d’ Affaires Michael Thomas appear to be his opinions and certainly do not reflect the content of conversations between him and me. Factually and historically, the cables are inaccurate and replete with his own personal views and deductions.
I could not have had any discussion on Henry Greene’s suitability as a Commissioner of Police on December 23, 2005, or any other time ,as this was not on my agenda. My focus was the violent criminal wave that was wreaking havoc on Guyanese society and killing innocent people. I was concerned about who were the political masters trying to destabilize the country in the period leading up to and including the 2006 general and regional elections.
I have no doubt that that Americans, like the British and Canadian diplomats, were more concerned with Roger Khan and certainly this was the focus of many of their representation.
However, it was the Charge who released the CD to me with the taped conversation between the PNC MP Basil Williams and Commissioner of Police Felix, in March 2006, advising me that they had been given it by Roger Khan. This followed after the theft of weapons from the GDF compound.
The Government officially asked the US Embassy in March, 2006, to assist in checking whether the tape had been tampered with, to which they responded two months later that they could not ascertain whether the tape had been tampered or not. This was also done officially through written correspondence.
There was no discussion concerning members of the private sector and the President, nor is it comprehensible how the author, Thomas, could have deduced that this ipso facto meant a link between the President and Roger Khan.
Furthermore, l am known for not disclosing internal party or government matters with outsiders.
I am very clear in my mind about the conversations l held with Charge d’ Affaires Michael Thomas. My own personal records verify my recall.

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