Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tape recording of Glen Lall discussing drug shipment to be released shorty

Liveinguyana was informed last night by a very reliable source that a group of drug traffickers are preparing to release a secret recording in which Kaieteur News publisher Glen Lall is said to be making arrangements with another individual to transfer cocaine smuggled in from Venezuela to a location in Georgetown.

We also understand that the release of the tape is a retaliation against Lall for information he provided to US law enforcement authorities on some of his drug colleagues. A group of local drug kingpins recently met at a location in Georgetown and took the decision to release the tape.
Stay tuned as we will keep you up to date.....


  1. U know all u guys keep doing is write write write , why don’t u produce some evidence that would be great…don’t u think u should have evidence for your stories …just think about it ...what is this a smear campaign to divert the attention from Jagdeo to get Glen Killed . Let be real here if Glen is a Dealer then show the proof and stop setting him up.

  2. This is interesting wonder how he gonna get himself out of this cause he said that the Wiki leaks are wrong about him gain vast wealth.

  3. When this is release how is he gonna say that its not him on the tape.We all know that he has a sketchy past which he tried denying when it was release on the cables.

  4. Mike.....We and our writings should be the least of worries for you, Glen and the other group of criminals at KN. Worry about that tape that is soon to be released.