Saturday, September 17, 2011

President urges national pride, healing of wounds of the past

-Thousands turn out to show appreciation

Guyanese from all walks of life came out in their thousands to pay homage to a President who has guided Guyana through crises and shored up the foundations of the economy through prudent fiscal management, and who has lifted the profile of Guyana on the international stage.

In their droves, they came to the ‘Day of Appreciation: A World of Thanks’, at the Providence Stadium, a special event held in honour of President Bharrat Jagdeo, a man who rose from the ranks to become this country’s Executive President. Overcast skies failed to dampen the spirit of determination of those bent on coming out to the event.
In a tribute befitting the President, members of his Cabinet escorted him to the centre of the field where a podium had been set up and this was accompanied by a special musical fanfare from the Defence Force band, not unlike medieval times.
“I am overwhelmed by this event. I wish to thank all of the people who played a part in putting this together. [It is not very often] that a President gets something like this just before he leaves office. It is a very important message for all Guyana,” the president said, saying that it speaks volumes of Guyana and its maturing democracy.
He expressed the hope that future presidents will be able to get the same honour as he has.

In playful mood, President Jagdeo romps with two girls at the Providence Stadium.

“I never stopped believing that our better days are ahead of us, [notwithstanding all of the progress in the many areas that we have achieved],” he said. “We must believe that tomorrow will be better…it needs every one of you working hard and giving of your best,” he said.
Born in Unity, Mahaica, in 1964, President Jagdeo said that his journey from a village boy to the presidency has been a long one. He expressed thanks to all those who made it possible for him to reach the heights that he has. He spoke of his parents and his sisters, all of whom were influential on him and taught him compassion. He spoke of this compassion forming the core of his party’s principles and said that the party must never close its doors to people of different races, religions or gender. “We embrace people, even those who oppose us,” he said.
“I ask you to keep the faith in our country. This country could become the paradise that we all wish it to be. I ask you to feel pride in things that are Guyanese. Do not be sidetracked,” he said, cautioning persons to shun those who seek to take them down the road of the past and the path of division. “Fiercely defend the interests of this country,” he urged.
“Never allow foreign interest to become our agenda. We must always fiercely defend national interests while recognising that we are part of a global village,” he said. Read more.........

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