Wednesday, September 28, 2011

APNU flays Trotman-accuses AFC of race baiting in Berbice & South Georgetown


Writing in the letter published in the Kaieteur News today A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) PR front-man, Mark Archer took Alliance for Change (AFC) Prime Ministerial candidate, Raphael Trotman and some of his colleagues to task.
This latest attack by Archer stems from remarks Trotman made in an interview with Demerara Waves carried on September 25, 2011, in which he expressed his preference for the TUF join the AFC, rather than the PNC's APNU. When questioned at to the reasons for this expressed preference Trotman stated that it's because the PNC is yet to apologize for years of rigged elections.
Archer in response accused Trotman of speaking with both side of his mouth(an idiom which means a person is saying different things about the same subject when with different people in order to always please the people they're with) and charged that the party's co-leader, Khemraj Ramjattan and other members are guilty of spreading lies and rumours about the APNU, whilst inciting race-based electioneering in south Georgetown and West Berbice (Region 5).

Archer charged that when Trotman left the PNC it was ostensibly to create a partnership for national unity because of his supposed belief that the PPP and the PNC failed Guyanese voters, however all he (Trotman) did instead was to gather up the disaffected, the opportunistic, and the idealistic of all political stripes and formed AFC.
He said it was disingenuous of Trotman to criticize APNU by asking one of their partners to apologize for rigging, when a member of the AFC has indulged in questionable remarks, conduct, and associations? He did not name this member.

Archer closed by threatening to have researchers search the PNC archives extracting every speech made by Trotman whilst in the PNC in an effort to expose his every association with those “riggers”.

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