Saturday, September 24, 2011

New media body IMAG launched

A new media body has been launched, promising to raise of the standards of the media in Guyana.
The Independent Media Association of Guyana ( IMAG) was unveiled at the Roraima Duke Lodge late Friday before a group of media workers, media proprietors, and members of the diplomatic corps.
The coordinator, Christopher Holder, explained that a core mandate of IMAG is to collaborate with media houses in promoting professional and ethical standards, and safeguarding and promoting the rights and privileges of all media workers, not only journalists. “ IMAG’s only goal is to raise the standards of all aspects of media in Guyana. It has no axe to grind, and will fairly and professionally execute its core mandate,” Holder, a media worker for two decades, insisted.

The organisation, he said, will respect and promote freedom of information, media freedom and the independence of the media in Guyana. The group, whose known members are drawn from the state media, says it will also protect and advance the interests of media workers at the national, regional and international levels through the exchange of information, training and other necessary interventions. In outlining another component of the core mandate, Holder stated that IMAG also intends to promote greater understanding of media issues through research, seminars and conferences, while promoting collaboration with organisations with similar media interest locally and abroad.

The organisation has attracted the support of UNESCO, an organisation that has been supported of many media- related activities. In fact, UNESCO is a funding agency for Radio Paiwomak in the North Rupununi. Representing the organ isation at Friday’s official launching was Inge Nathoo, who spoke of the role of the media and its right to expression. She stated that UNESCO is willing and reading to partner with IMAG in order to fulfil that entity's mandate. Acting President Samuel Hinds also delivered remarks at the ceremony and cocktail. He is pleased at the creation of such an organisation, and believes that it will serve a good purpose. The newly- formed organisation wants to immediately facilitate training for journalists ahead of the 2011 general and regional elections. Prominent among its plans is the hosting of an annual media awards to give outstanding media workers due recognition. IMAG, an initiative which started about a year ago, rivals the existing Guyana Press Association ( GPA), headed by Capitol News editor and anchor Gordon Moseley.

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