Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kaieteur News comfortable publishing those very 'rumours' as long as they pertain to others and not its owner

Today's Kaieteur News, under the headline "Dr Luncheon somersaults on Wikileaks' quoted the cabinet press secretary as saying that “the overall mood is that the leaks by far and large reflect predominantly opinion, predominantly unsubstantiated statements”. The newspaper added its own piece to this opinion by stating "when the state media (Chronicle and GTV) and the one owned by the Head of State, reported on WikiLeaks comments about the Publisher of Kaieteur News, neither Dr Luncheon nor President Jagdeo stopped to think that they were promoting predominantly unsubstantiated statements. And they did so for three consecutive days".

First of all, we know of no newspaper owned by the head of state and the Guyana Times described the attempt to link its ownership to Jagdeo as 'outlandish' and an attempt by cocaine trafficker Glen Lall to undo the embarrassment caused by the revelations in the cables. With this we agree.

Secondly, the article in today's KN exposes the desperation of Glen Lall who no doubt has been caught off guard by the revelations in the said U.S Embassy Diplomatic cable with paint him as a person with connections to the criminal underworld(the phantom death squad), a cocaine trafficker who snitches on his fellow drug dealers and a back tracker. When Stabroek News questioned him about the allegations in the cable, Lall dismissed them as rumours yet Lall's newspaper seems comfortable publishing these 'rumours' as long as they paint the government of the day in bad light. So what is Glen Lall complaining about?

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  1. Once it has nothing to do with KN owner they are comfortable putting the same lies that Glenn claim it is.They are just like SN editor who brother is involve with a scam but yet you cant read about it.