Thursday, September 22, 2011

Isn't it enough that the AFC & PNC/APNU have the Stabroek and Kaieteur News under their control?

First it was the APNU now the AFC is complaining about access to the state media. Based on what i've seen both NCN and the Guyana Chronicle cover APNU and AFC events but maybe these folks would like to influence the angle in which these events are covered.
But why should they worry about state media access when they have the 2 most widely circulated and supposedly 'independent' newspapers under their control, as well as 5 newscasts and about 6 TV channels.
Wasn't it these same political parties which called on their supporters to stop reading and patronizing the Guyana Chronicle?
Isn't it enough that they control the columnists and letters pages of both the Stabroek and Kaieteur news that they must now get MORE access to the state media?

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