Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The public's response to the appreciation ceremony for President Jagdeo held recently did not deter the critics of the current administration from putting forward the usual conspiracy theories. And what is now considered a reflex action, they have attributed the massive turn out of Jagdeo well wishers this to all sort of factors.

People turned out in large numbers for several reasons. The most important of these is that it was President Bharrat Jagdeo who signed term limits into law. Guyanese know that this is a thousand times better compared to what the PNC leaders left behind – stolen elections, debt to the tune of billions, dysfunctional government, kick-down-door bandits, and more shortages of foodstuff and other basic items than anyone cares to recall. It is important to understand that unlike the hopeless years under Burnham, Hamilton Green, and Desmond Hoyte, the people went to the stadium event of their own free will.

Back in the PNC days, the government used state power to force, yes force entire work places, factories, ministries, churches, schools, and the like, to come out and line the streets for the Comrade Leader. Most people lined those streets for Burnham and Hoyte with a sense of shame because of a simple fact – they did not want to be there. David Granger was a big one then, serving the very people who were stealing elections. What hurts the APNU, AFC and the others is the fact that the Guyanese people did something quite decent. They publicly thanked the president for a job well done, and most of all for respecting the constitution of Guyana. By comparison when Hoyte reluctantly gave up office he dedicated himself to making Guyana ungovernable.

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