Saturday, September 24, 2011

Preparations moving apace for GuyExpo 2011

Preparations for Guyana’s biggest annual trade show and exposition, GuyExpo, is moving apace, as booth space is in high demand at the National Exhibition Centre, Sophia, which is home to the Caribbean’s longest sustained exhibition.
Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manniram Prashad during a press conference at his Ministry, South Road, Thursday, said over 300 exhibitors have already indicated their participation.
“People who wanted six and more booths had to be limited because of the overwhelming demand from the private sector….and additional tents will have to be set up to accommodate those demands,” Minister Prashad said.
The main pavilion, he said, will be used to exhibit only locally made furniture and hardware products, including clay bricks and panel doors, while the over 120 booths in the annex will be allocated to local craft producers from throughout the country.
“There are different areas on the ground for displays from big companies, like Sterling, Banks and Ansa Mcal,” Minister Prashad informed.

The children’s play area is also relocated next to the Amerindian Village, “where a new stop was identified away from the hustle and bustle …so that parents can have their children in a less crowded area”.
The entire complex in Sophia, Minister Prashad said, has been given a new look and “ the old fence was pulled down and replaced….we also extended the fence 25 feet, so we have additional parking space for 400 more cars,” Minister Prashad said.
The old wooden structure that usually houses the services sector, Minister Prashad added, has been replaced with new, modern prefabricated /collapsible booths from Impressions.
“ So the tarmac area where the old building used to be has three brand new tents, with 90 additional booths….so we would not have people building any structure with zinc and plywood,” Minister Prashad explained.
He said that the area in front of the stage has been resurfaced, and all the electrical installations have been completed.
Garnett and Duncan Streets will be used for the entrance into the complex, while Dennis Street will remain the exit point, as usual.
Exhibitors, he noted, will also be benefiting from training prior to the opening of the exhibition to ensure very high standards of display.
GuyExpo began in 1995 as a once-every-two year event, but became annual in 2004.
“Not only local producers will be at the exhibition, but we also have delegations from nine countries, including Brazil and Suriname….we also have a lot of overseas buyers coming to the exposition to see what Guyana has to offer to the international market,” Minister Prashad said.

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